“Without praise of the Almighty,

Darkness shall prevail in one's mind.”
                                (Guru Nanak)









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Preface                                                                                                                   2

Introduction                                                                                                         3

Chapter 1- Guru - The Divine Light                                        7

Chapter 2- India before Guru Nanak                                      12

Chapter 3- Guru Nanak Dev - First Guru                                 16

Chapter 4- Guru Angad Dev - Second Guru                             76

Chapter 5- Guru Amar Das - Third Guru                                            85

Chapter 6- Guru Ram Das - Fourth Guru                              100

Chapter 7- Guru Arjan Dev - Fifth Guru                                             104

Chapter 8- Guru Har Gobind - Sixth Guru                                130

Chapter 9- Guru Har Rai - Seventh Guru                            161

Chapter 10- Guru Har Krishen - Eighth Guru                             169

Chapter 11- Guru Tegh Bahadur - Ninth Guru                             175

Chapter 12- Guru Gobind Singh - Tenth Guru                             192

Chapter 13- Guru Granth Sahib - the last Guru for ever                259

Chapter 14- A Brief Outline of Sikh Fundamentals                270

Chapter 15- Bibliography                                                      312

Chapter 16- Appendix - Meditation, Turban,                         313

                   Gurdwara and more               









Sikh Missionary Center published its book, “SIKH RELIGION” in 1990.In order to create public awareness about Sikhism in the world, this book has been sent to more than 4,500 libraries so far in the world and is still being sent to more of them. It has also been sent to more than two thousand Professors of Religion in USA and Canada. It has been on the Internet since 1996. If ‘sikh religion’ is searched on Yahoo, Aol, Google, Altavista, Excite etc., one can find the book there as “SIKH RELIGION”.


                It was translated in Russian language and about five thousand copies were distributed in Russia and its surrounding Russian speaking countries including Israel.


                It has now been published in Spanish and has been sent to every library of every Spanish speaking country in the world.


                Within a few months it will be published in Punjabi language and would then be distributed mostly in India.


                The French and German translations are already underway. French version will be sent to more than 1,500 libraries in France. The German version of ‘SIKH RELIGION’ would be sent to most of the libraries in Germany before the end of next year.


                It has been upgraded a little and a revised is printed.





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