For millions and millions of years before the creation of the world, there was utter darkness and God Himself  was sitting alone in Absolute Trance. There was no earth and no sky. There was no day and no night, no sun and no moon. There was no air and no water. There was no man and no woman, no caste and no birth and no death. There was no time. There was neither hell nor heaven. There existed no deeds and no religion, no Divine knowledge and no meditation. There was no contemplation, penance, no self-contentment, nor fasting nor worship.  There existed no Vedas, Simirities nor Shastras (Hindu religious Texts) nor Kateib. There was no Brahma (according to Hinduism there is Trinity- Brahma is god who creates, Vishnu is god who cherishes. Finally there is Shiva,  god who is responsible for death), no Vishnu and there was no Shiva.


            His limit no one knows. It is through the Perfect Guru (God) that I have obtained this understanding, says Guru Nanak and describes this whole situation in Maru Mohalla 1, page 1035-36 of Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Holy Scripture): 


            For countless ages, there was nothing but utter darkness;

            There was neither earth nor sky ; only existed the Almighty God's Infinite Will.

            There was neither day nor night; neither sun nor moon but God Himself alone

                        sat in Absolute Trance. (1)


            There existed neither sources of creation, nor of speech; neither air nor water;

            There was neither creation nor destruction nor transmigration.

            There were no continents, no underworlds, nor seven seas, nor rivers with the

                        flowing of water. (2)


            There was no heaven, no mortal world and no underworld;

            Neither there was hell nor heaven; neither death nor time;

            Hell and heaven, birth and death, there were none; there was no coming and

                        going (in the world). (3)


            There was no Brahma, Vishnu nor Shiva;

            None else was seen but the One Absolute Lord.

            Neither was there a female nor a male; neither caste nor birth;

                        neither pleasure nor pain. (4)


            There were then no celibates, no men of charity and no forest-dwellers;

            Neither were the adepts, nor seekers, nor dwellers in joy;

            Neither the Yogis, nor the Jangams (wandering sages) nor the religious garb

                        and none called himself the supreme yogi (Nath). (5)


            There was no contemplation, penance, self-control, fasting nor worship.

            Nor any who could speak of duality.

            The Almighty Lord was in Absolute Bliss and valued Himself His Own Glory. (6)


            There existed no ritual purity nor self-restraint nor Tulsi rosary (Basil rosary).

            There were no Krishna's milkmaids nor Krishna; neither cows nor cowherd.

            Neither magical rites nor superstitious frauds nor any player on flute (Krishna).(7)


            There were no deeds, religion nor sweet fly of Maya (love of materialism);

            Eyes could see no distinction of caste and birth;

            No noose of secular attachment nor was death writ on the mortal's brow;

                        nor did anyone meditate on anyone else. (8)


            Neither existed then slander nor laudation; neither life nor body;

            Neither the Gorakh (Guru of yogis) nor Machhindra (his disciple);

            Neither the Divine Knowledge nor meditation, nor the beginning of clans, nor

                        was there the reckoning of the Accounts. (9)


            There was no distinction of castes and creeds as  between Brahmins and


            There existed neither deity nor temples nor holy cow nor

                        Gyatri Mantras(Hindu text);

            There were no burnt offerings nor gratuitous feasts nor ablutions at sacred places

                        nor worship (of the gods). (10)


            There were neither the Mullahs nor the Qazis1;

            Neither the Sheikhas nor the Hajis (pilgrims to Mecca);

            There was no subject, king nor worldly pride nor any assuming title of Glory. (11)


            There was no love nor devotion; neither the mind nor the matter;

            Neither friends nor companions nor origin from father and mother (drop & blood);

            The Lord Himself was the Merchant and Himself the Trader, such was

                        His Will. (12)


            Neither were then the Vedas, Semitic Texts, Simrities and Shashtras;

            Nor the reading of the Puranas (Hindu texts); neither the sunrise nor the sunset;

            He, the Lord, Himself was the Speaker and the Preacher knowing only

                        Himself His Unknowable Self. (13)


            When such was His Will, He created the world and without support

                        sustained the firmament;

            He created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and instilled in men the desire

                        of attachment. (14)


            Rare was the person whom the Guru caused to hear His Word;

            He made His ordinance operative and watched over all.

            He created continents, solar systems and the underworlds and from the

                        Absolute Self  He became Manifest. (15)


            His Limit no one knows;

            It is through the Perfect Guru (God) I have obtained understanding.

            Says Nanak, "Wondrous are they who are imbued with Lord's truth and

                        by singing His Praises they are delighted." (16)


Guru Nanak further explains that before the Creation, the Infinite and Boundless Lord sat in Absolute Trance for 36 Yugas or ages (Yuga, a period of cosmic time, running into millions of years). There was utter darkness all around and it happened as He Willed. The Guru describes it in Maru Mohalla 1, page 1026 of Guru Granth Sahib:


            “For numerous ages there was all-darkness;

             And the Infinite and Boundless Lord was seated in Trance.

             Alone and Detached Lord sat in inky darkness,

             The world of strife was not yet born.                                 (1)


             Thiswise passed the Thirty-six Yugas(ages),

             And as was His Will so He, the Absolute Lord, Worked;

             And there was no rival of His, He Himself  being Infinite and Boundless. (2)






          What was the time, what moment, what was the lunar day, what week day, what was the season and what was the month, when the world was created? The Brahmins would have recorded in their scriptures, if they had found the answer; nor the Qazis (Muslim priests) who scribe the writing of Quran, know the answer. Neither the Yogis nor anyone else know the lunar day, week day, season and the month when the world came into existence. The Almighty Creator who has created the world, He Himself alone knows the time and none else. Many try to describe God's discourse and each claiming to be wiser than the other. Great is the Master, Great is His Name, whatever is there, proceeds only from Him. Guru Nanak says if some one deems himself able to do, he shall not look adorned on arrival in the court of the Almighty:


            Pilgrimages, austerities, compassion, charity

            All are approved if they bring even a grain of merit in God's eye.

            Whoever heartily hears, believes and loves God's Name, obtains salvation by

                        thoroughly bathing in the shrine within himself.

            All virtues are Thine, O Lord, I have none.

            Without cultivating virtuous qualities, Lord's devotional service cannot

                        be performed.

            My obeisance is unto God, Who Himself is world wealth and real Brahma etc.

                        and I utter His Praises.

            God is True, Beautiful and all joys abide within His mind.

            What was the time, the moment, the lunar day, the week day,

            What was the season and the month, when the world was created?

            Had the Puranas (Hindu Scriptures) referred to this, the Pandits (Hindu priests)

                        would have discovered the time.

            Nor the Qazis (Muslim priests) who scribe the writings of Quran, know the time.

            Neither the Yogis nor anyone else knows the lunar day, week day,

                        season and month.

            The Creator Who creates the world, alone knows the time.

            How to express, how to praise, how to describe and to know God?

            Says Nanak! All give discourses about God and each one thinks himself to be

                        wiser than the other.

            Great is the Master and great His Name and what He does must happen.

            Nanak! If some one thinks himself to be powerful to do things or thinks himself

                        to be knower of God, he will not be honored in  the next world.

                                                            (Pauri 21, Japji, page 4, Guru Granth Sahib)


            Baba Farid (1173-1266) has been a very famous Muslim saint and in his succession there lived Sheikh Brahm. Guru Nanak visited Sheikh Brahm and religious discussion ensued. During the discussion it was pointed out by the Sheikh that in one of Semitic religious scriptures it was written, "In the beginning was the Word and the  Word was with God, and  the Word was God." Guru Nanak explained that nothing was before God and nothing is independent of God. The 'Word' that you are referring to is also His creation.

            Guru Nanak explained to Sheikh Braham that nothing was independent of God. All Creation including 'Word' is His Own making. He further said that after the Absolute Trance, He then first created Hisownself into Nam (Name- pronounced as Naam) when He made Himself manifest. He Assumed Name (Nam). Nam and God are not two different entities but one and the same thing. Nam is His Ownself and at His Own level. Then at the next level He created the Nature and Universe. Nam sustains all the universe and its inhabitants. A contractor constructs a building and after finishing the job, he leaves and some other person comes to occupy it. But the most important aspect of this universe creation is, the Guru explains that its Creator (God) has not left after creation rather He abides within it and feels delighted in dealing with it. Guru uttered the following Sabad:


            "God, the Lord of Himself, First created Hisownself and Assumed He Himself


            He then created (secondary) Nature and Abiding within it, He beholds it with


            Thou art the Creator, the Beneficent One, in Thy Pleasure, Thou blessest all.

            Thou art the Knower of all. Thou givest and takest life with a word.

            Abiding within, Thou beholdest Thy Creation  with delight."

                                                                        (Asa Mohalla 1, Pauri 1,  p-463)

God and Nam are one and the same. Nam sustains all universes and all beings:


            "O Lord, Thy Nam sustains all beings;

            Thy Nam is the support of all the worlds and universes.

            By the might of Nam are sustained Simiritis, Vedas and Puranas.

            By Nam's support the mortals hear Divine Knowledge and meditation.

            Thy Nam is the support of the skies and underworlds.

            Thy Nam is the support of all forms of life.

            Thy Nam sustains all the worlds and spheres.

            Men are saved by listening to Nam with their ears.

            Whomsoever by His Grace He attaches to the devotion of Nam;

            Saith Nanak, he gets liberation entering in the state of Bliss."

                                                (Gauri Mohalla 5 (5-16 Asht.), p-284)

There was more discussion with Sheikh Brahm. At the end the Sheikh begged for

Guru's blessings and requested,” Sir, please bless the ship of my life reach heaven."

Guru promised that his ship would reach heaven. Sheikh Brahm reiterated, "Not

like this, please give me a firm promise." The Guru said, "Sheikh Brahm, your

ship is already at the shores of heaven."




            The scientists and researchers are trying hard to find the end of God's Expanse. Some talk about big bang theory while others talk about evolution.

But the more they research, the more they are amazed with its vastness. In order to explore the solar system, a space probe hit its comet target on July 3,

2005 in a NASA directed mission that scientists hoped would reveal clues to how the solar system was formed. It marked the first time a spacecraft touched the surface of a comet, igniting a dazzling fireworks in the space. It was a milestone for the U.S. space agency, which hoped the experiment would answer basic questions about the origins of solar system.

            Even if the scientists hit millions of  comets, it would be hard for them to understand the mystery of the Infinite Lord. His regime is endless and limitless. No one can know God's limit. Humanity is as yet far far  away from uncovering the mystery of His creation. Guru Nanak explains in Japuji (24), page 5 of Guru Granth Sahib:

            ".....Many yearn to know His bounds, but His limits are not found.

             His Limit none can know.

             The more we describe, the more yet is to be explored.

             Great is the Lord  and high His seat;

             His Name is the highest over the high.

             If anyone be as great high as He is, then alone he would know

                        how high He is.

             How great He is, only He Himself knows.

             O Nanak! the compassionate Lord by His Grace bestows gifts."


  The Divine Guru Nanak says about  the Creation :

                        "Kita pasao eko kawao

                         Tis tey hoay lakh daryao."

                                                            (Guru Nanak- Japuji (16), p-3)


            "One Word, and the whole Universe throbbed into being,

             And lakhs of rivers began to flow."

                                                            (translation of the above)

            The Divine Word  explains that many times before also this expanse was created

but in the end the One Absolute Lord remains always the Same:

                        "Kaee baar pasario pasaar

                         Sada sada ik Ekonkar."

                                                            (Gauri Sukhmani Mohalla 5, p-276 )

            "Many times this expanse was created,

             Ever ever the Unique Lord God remains the Same."

                                                            (Translation of the above)

Now the Guru gives us a glimpse of God's Court or Darbar. He describes

it in Sarang Mohalla 5 Ashatpadi ghar 6 at page 1235-36 of Guru Granth Sahib:


            "Hear ye the Gospel of the Unknowable and Fathomless Lord;

             Wondrous is the Court of the Transcendent God (Pause).


             I am a sacrifice unto my Guru ever and forever more,

             By the Guru's grace I sing the Infinite Praises of the Lord,

             Lo, my mind is illumined from within

             With the collyrium of wisdom, my ignorance is dispelled. (1)


             Immeasurable is His Expanse.

             His Glory is boundless and infinite.

             Innumerable are His wondrous plays one can know not, nor describe;

             For, He is neither in Joy, nor in Sorrow. (2)


             Millions of Brahmas utter His Praise through the vedas,

             Millions of Shivas contemplate but Him alone;

             With a particle of His Power, millions of persons become His prophets.

             Millions of Indras stand at the Door of the  Lord. (3)


             Myriads are winds, fire and waters;

             Myriads are oceans of jewels, curd and milk.

             Myriads are the suns, the moons and the stars;

             Myriads are goddesses and gods of many kinds. (4)


             Innumerable are the earths and Elysian Cows 2

             Innumerable are the wish-fulfilling trees and they whose lips are on

                                                                        the flute (Krishnas);

             Innumerable are the skies and nether regions;

             Innumerable are supreme persons who dwell only on Him (5)


             There are millions of Shastras, Simiritis and Puranas (Hindu Texts),

             And millions of men discourse upon Him in millions of ways.

             Millions of listeners hear the praise of God, the Treasure of Virtues,

             For, He is in all life, He is the All-filling God. (6)


             Innumerable are the Dharamrajas (celestial judges), Innumerable

                                                                        gods of wealth;

             Innumerable are the gods of water, Innumerable mountains of gold.

             Innumerable are the Sheshnagas (thousand hooded serpents),

                                                who utter His Ever-new Names;

             They know not the limits of the Lord. (7)


             Myriads are the universes and their parts;

             Myriads are forms, colors and solar systems.

             Myriads are forests, fruits and roots,

             Yea, God is both Manifest and Unmanifest. (8)


             Myriads are the Yugas (ages), days and nights.

             Myriads are the world-destructions and myriads of creations.

             Myriads are creatures in the Kingdom of His Home,

             The Omnipresent Lord is filling all the places. (9)


             Manifold is His Plays which one can describe not,

             And manifold is His Power which He manifests in Innumerable ways.

             Myriads are the beauteous melodies which sing of the Lord,

             Myriads of unmanifest scribes are seen there. (10)


             He is the Highest of the high, with Whom abide His saints,

             Throughout day and night, they sing His praises with love.

             Millions of celestial strains sing of the Lord's supreme bliss,

             Of that relish there is no limit and end. (11)


             He is the True Lord and true is His Abode.

             He is the Highest of the high, Immaculate and detached.

             He alone knows the extent of His Own Doings,

             And He pervades all hearts.

             Nanak, the Merciful Master is the Treasure of Compassion,

             And blessed are those, O Nanak,  who contemplate Him. (12) 


            Guru Nanak traveled for 14 years to deliver Divine Message to the humanity. He went upto Tibet in the north and Ceylon  in the south. He went as

far out as Assam province (India) in the east and reached Baghdad (Iraq) in the west.

He visited famous temples of the Hindus and also visited famous mosques of the Muslims. He went to the centers of the Sidhas and the Mathhs of the Yogis. He also visited the various saints and religious leaders and groups all over. He had religious discussions with the individuals as well as with groups small or large.


            The objective of Guru Nanak's Guruship was to give instructions in the True Name, to save humanity from immersing in the ocean of distress and misery arising out of worldly life, and to blend the human souls with their Creator, thus, emancipating them from the cycle of transmigration breaking all barriers and bonds of sufferings. This is the fundamental character of Sikh Faith. Sikhism endeavors to uplift the human soul from the shackles of Maya (materialism). It aims at a virtuous life which leads to the ultimate realization of a state of Eternal Bliss. 


            Sikh chroniclers claim that the life of a recluse always got a honorable status in all the societies of India during the days of Guru Nanak. People who renounced life, were held in an elevated position and high esteem because the public believed that the hermit living in a forest had a pure life and he was closer to spiritual attainment. Yogis enjoyed influence over the common people and through display of their supernatural powers made people their followers. The expectation of their blessings and the fear of their curses created awe in people’s mind and in terror they ministered their wants. Guru Nanak reached the Sumer-Parbat (also called Golden mountain) in Tibet where he met an assembly of 84 Sidhas. They asked him what power brought him there because ordinary man could not reach that place. The Guru replied that he repeated the Name of God and with loving devotion contemplated Him and that power brought him there. They inquired about the conditions prevailing in India. The Guru told them that falsehood overshadowed the land and the moon of truth was completely enshrouded in the darkness of ignorance. The kings were butchers and justice had taken wings and flown away. He further said, ”Nathji, when the Sidhas are hiding themselves in mountain enclaves, who is left behind to lead the people in the right direction?”  The Sidhas tried to create an impression of their miraculous and supernatural powers on him but failed. They thought that their creed was higher than Guru’s creed and so they wanted to convert him to their own creed but could not succeed and ultimately they submitted before him. The Guru chastised them for removing themselves from the scene of human life where they could impart spiritual awakening among the human beings and take mankind across the ocean of suffering. On the contrary they lived in caves dug under the earth and came out only to answer the call of the nature. They blew something like a horn in the morning, in the evening and at night.

            The Guru found serious lapses in the lives of Yogis-Sidhas. They retreated into the forests avoiding their moral and social responsibilities. There was so much evil and suffering in those days which the Yogis could remove by their spiritual knowledge. As they were the men of religion, they could purify the world of its impurities. It is recorded that Guru Nanak asked Bhangernath, the leader of the Yogis, during their discussion, “You become an ascetic separating yourself from the householders and then you go and beg at their doors for food.” Thus the guru denounced them calling them as parasites on society. He disapproved the whole idea of retirement from worldly life and humbled the Yogis after his discussion with them and made them realize the futility of their doctrine. Upon this according to Bhai Gurdas (Var 1, pauri 44), the Yogis finally complimented the Guru and said, “Hail, O Nanak, great are thy deeds! Thou hast arisen a great Being, and lit a Light in this age of Falsehood (Kalyug) in the  world.” Guru attached importance to household life with all the responsibilities that go with it and thus put the Gristhi (family man) in an exalted state. A householder must face and assume all the moral and social duties even at the cost of all the suffering and not to be like the Yogis and Sidhas with their escapist attitude. In Sikhism all ascetic orders are decried. Sikh Gurus have given importance to putting restrain on human desires and lead a self-disciplined moral life. Human being must maintain indifference amidst the attractions of the world and should live desireless amidst the desires of the  world.  But the values required to sustain and preserve the life of a person as a natural human being are considered as survival needs and their attainment is regarded as necessary for achievement of higher qualities of life.


The Guru exhorts individuals to lead a life like a lotus untouched by the waves of water or the duck by the pond  The hymns addressed to Yogis and Sidhas in Sikh Holy Scripture show that Guru Nanak wanted to cure them of their craze for miraculous powers. Instead they should have righteous deeds  to redeem the society of its evils. The possession of miraculous powers is by itself not indicative of one’s spiritual merit which comes from devotion to the Lord.

            After visiting Mecca and Madina, Guru Nanak came to Baghdad. According to Muslim Shariat(Code of Law), music was forbidden there. The high ranking Muslim priests did not accept musical verses. Instead of condemning unethical, immoral and demoralizing poetry, they rejected music (Raga) completely. The whole of Sikh Holy Scripture is in devotional musical verses and in various forms of Ragas and Raganis. In the morning the Guru shouted the call for prayer in a musical tone, on which the whole population of the city was rapt in silent astonishment. He did it differently than the Muslims. Mardana played the rebec and the Guru started the Sabad Kirtan (musical recitation of Sikh Scripture - Gurbani). People were thrilled. The news spread in the whole city. The high priest, Pir Dastgir and many others came to see the Guru.

            According to Mohammedans there are seven skies above the earth and seven nethers including the earth. The Guru recited the 22nd Pauri of Japuji, page 5 of Guru Granth Sahib:


            "Counless the worlds beneath and countless the skies above,

             No limit is found, nor Vedas have.

             Eighteen thousand, say the Semitic Texts,

             Vain is such count; Nothing is real but the One Essence.

             His Infinity no one can measure or state,

             Men's lives are finished counting but God's account finishes not.

             He is Great, says Nanak,

             He Himself  knows His Oneself." 


The Pir was wonder-struck hearing something contrary to the authority of the Holy Quran, that there were hundreds of thousands of nethers and upper regions. The Pir asked the Guru, "Do you think that Hazarat Mohammad was lying when he said there were seven nethers and seven skies while you say there are hundreds of thousands?"

The Guru replied, "No, he did not lie. He said what he saw. He only saw seven

nethers and seven skies."

The Pir questioned Guru's word and asked him to give proof, to give manifestation of

what he said.

The Guru said, "Ok, please come with me."

The Pir replied, " No, I cannot go because I am old, take my son."

The Guru asked Pir's son, "Come and close your eyes."


            Bhai Gurdas-3 explains in his Var-1 and Pauris 35-36 that Guru Nanak

laid his hand on the Pir's son's head and showed him thousands and

thousands of upper and lower regions as described above in the Pauri 22 of Japuji.

To give proof whether the son actually saw the thousands of regions, he brought

Parshad (sacred food) from one of those worlds and gave to his  father when he

opened his eyes. The Pir bowed before the Guru and asked for his blessings.


            When was the world created, no body knows and nobody can

know except the Almighty Creator Himself. The Divine Word says:


            "Ja Karta saristi kau sajai aapai janay soee."

                                                            (Japuji, page 4)


            'The Creator Who created this world, alone knows the answer.'

                                                            (Translation of the above)   








1. Mullahs, Qazis, Sheikhs are the tittles of Muslim clergy.


2- Elysian (Kamdhein) Cow and wish-fulfilling (Paarjaat) Tree:

            Hinduism narrates that the gods churned the ocean and out of that

            came out 14 Jewels. Those 14 Jewels were:


            1. Nectar,  2. Wine,  3. The Moon,  4. Elysian Cow,

            5. Sublime Horse,  6. Elephant,  7. Poison,  8. Wealth,

            9. Dhanatar Vaid (Physician),  10. Jewel,  11. Conch,

            12. Elysian  Tree,  13. Nymph,  14. The Bow.


            It is believed that whatever you ask from 'Kamdhein Cow' and

            the 'Paarjaat Tree', you will get it. Here the Hinduism is talking about

            only One Kamdhein Cow and One Paarjaat Tree but the Guru is

            describing that there are innumerable Kamdhein Cows and

            innumerable Paarjaat Trees in the Court of the Almighty.


3- When the Sikh Holy Scripture ( Guru Granth Sahib) was compiled first time,

            it was done by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev. The Guru gave

            the dictation and it was noted and written down by Bhai Gurdas.

            Bhai Gurdas compiled his own writings in Vars and Kabits and he 

            is a recognized authority in Sikh theology.